July 5, 2010

We're Alive...

Much has transpired since our last post. To recap:

1. Brazil was unceremoniously sent home from the World Cup by the Netherlands.
2. Argentina was also sent home...in a much more spectacular fashion, let the records show.
3. We packed up all our earthly belongings and shipped them to São Luís.
4. We subsequently shipped ourselves to São Luís, where we are currently enjoying time with Itacyara's family (while at the same time recovering from a massive cold virus).

I will leave you with this, a video made for us by the students in the dorm and shown at a surprise going-away party they had for us.

As you can see, the first part is dedicated to Itacyara. She developed a special bond with the girls and was a counselor to several of them. The second half is about me, with several scenes showing me in particularly Brazilian situations. The song that accompanies it repeats the phrase "I'm a Brazilian".

They couldn't have paid me a better compliment.

One of the greatest privileges we had in our entire first term was that of working with these outstanding young men and ladies.

Posted by Andrew on July 5, 2010 6:52 PM.

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