June 22, 2010

Flooding in NE Brazil

These pictures, and the following comments, are from friend of mine, missionary in the city of Recife. Our part of Brazil has been spared this flooding, but this is just 8 hours away from where we live. Please pray for the church as they mobilize to help the people effected by this disaster.
It must seem ironic, but we are in a state that from time to time experiences draught & flooding - the two extremes.  Usually the flooding is closer to the coast which is our case now.  A pastor from my mentoring group just sent our church a plea to help his home town that was hard hit by these recent floods.  I saw that even CNN headlines featured our state of Pernambuco today.  Here are some pictures Pastor Paulo took the other day.  We are gathering food and clothes from our friends in Recife to help these folks.  Please pray for those suffering great losses.  There have been dozens of deaths and hundreds reported missing.
Talk back to the missionary: Why don't you head on over to Roger Smith's blog and let him know you are praying and/or that you would be willing to help.

Posted by Andrew on June 22, 2010 6:00 PM.

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