November 3, 2006

A Cidade Feliz--Live

This week our seminary students carried out their yearly ministry to the romeiros--religious pilgrims who come each year to worship the statue of a priest who died in the 1930's. The ministry included gospel painting, gospel magic, and--re-appearing after a couple years' absence--puppets! Below are some pictures of the event:

Tadeu, Ageu, and Mikey in the back of the pickup, on the way to the center of town.

Typical romeiros from the interior of northeastern Brazil. About 500,000 of them made the trip last week. Many of them end up staying. Not a few come with sicknesses that they want Padre Cicero to heal, and end up dying here.

Setting the stage. Literally.

The puppets in action. We called this "A Cidade Feliz--Ao Vivo" (The Happy City--Live) and used the characters and plots from our TV show.

As you can see from the crowd, it was a huge success.

Chico demonstrates one of his many talents.

Gospel painting.

Gospel magic.

Our puppets handed out tracts--written by some of our students--to the kids. We found that when the people handed them out, not everybody received them. When the puppets offered them, however, everybody wanted them. In this picture shows Irlana, one of our students, explaining the tracts to a couple of the students.

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