September 11, 2006

Photos from Vacaria

We spent Saturday and part of Sunday in a little settlement called Vacaria. Vacaria is quite a ways off the beaten path. In fact, in many respects, it is reminiscent of Dogpatch of Li'l Abner fame--the main difference being that the accents of the people are Brazilian hillbilly instead of American hillbilly.

This is a picture overlooking part of Vacaria. There is no real center of town in Vacaria. The dwellings are spread out and connected by precarious dirt roads.

When I say precarious, I mean precarious. One thing that made me laugh was this sign, warninig of a lombada--speed bump.

That is the speed bump in question. It is less worrisome than all the other bumps in the road. A very funny event happend during our time there, which I will relate in a future post.

Vacaria is home to a few man-made lakes. We took advantage of one to do some swimming and boating.

The name "Vacaria" is derived from the Portuguese word for cow. Much of the economy of the area revolves around beef farming. Here are some Brazilian "cowboys" driving their herd.

Our main reason for being in Vacaria was to celebrate the birthday of our neighbor, Crizelite (above in red) who is from there. Here in Brazil, believers usually include a service which features singing and a short gospel presentation. I was invited to bring the message, which was well received. We are grateful for the opportunity to get to know this unique place and it's people.

Posted by Andrew on September 11, 2006 10:34 AM.