July 8, 2005


Warning: Rant ahead.


When I got home from camp yesterday, I had no idea there had been a terror strike on London. As I sat there and watched the footage on TV, I felt an anger welling up within me--an anger against cowards.

What kind of person puts explosive devices in subways and buses, with the obvious intent of killing helpless civilians? What kind of person recruits economically depressed people, fills their head with hate, and then incites them to fly airplanes, drive cars, or walk into places full of innocent people--killing them all? Cowards.

Or what kind of people walk into a Brazilian church building full of worshipers, ask for the missionary pastor, and, when he turns around to greet them, shoot him three times at point-blank range, including once in the back? What kind of men will then flee the scene, leaving the pastor--who was in Brazil to care for his sick son--paralyzed? Cowards!

I always wondered why, in Revelation 21:8, the "fearful" (which the ESV translates "cowardly") are included in the list of those who are condemned to eternal damnation. Now I know.

To the people of Great Britain, we offer our solidarity, and our pledge of co-operation. To the family of John Leonard, we offer our commitment to pray for them fervently and earnestly, and to give whatever assistance we can.

To the cowards who perpetrated these acts, we offer this warning: God is Just. Unless God brings to you repentance, the terror that awaits you is far, far greater than any you inflicted on others this week. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Posted by Andrew on July 8, 2005 10:26 PM.