August 28, 2003

Sight and Sound Continued

I am not one who is easily impressed with "Christian" entertainment. The commercialism and shallowness of the CCM movement leave me disgusted and disillusioned. Having said that, I have now seen that it is possible for Christians to put on a quality theatrical performance that does not ape the world or compromise core beliefs.

I am refering, of course, to the Sight and Sound spectacular that my family and I went to see the other day. Its quality was refreshing and its message was clear. The story of Daniel came alive in such a way as to entertain, challenge, and motivate all at the same time. The actors were true professionals, yet obviously passionate about the message of the play. The technological superiority (large statues rising from the stage, animatronic lions, helicopters appearing overhead) on a par with anything I have seen at Disney. The musical numbers were superb (I especially enjoyed the delightful rendition of Them Bones).

This will not be my last time at one of these performances. The powerful way in which the Gospel was presented convinces me that we as believers need to invest more in this form of communication.

Posted by Andrew on August 28, 2003 11:42 AM.


Another hearty amen~!

Posted by: The Chairman at August 29, 2003 2:32 PM